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    We believe in continuance and preservation for future generations.

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    We strive for creativity and relevance to our market.

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    We are true to self and true to others.

Services Offered:

Tired of bad debtors and afraid of prohibitive legal practitioners who charge you for time spent on your matters come to us and have your debts collected at no cost at a commission of debts successfully recovered.

It is not enough to pay your premiums without understanding the policy documents so allow us to help you understand what is covered and what is not.

With the government making efforts to formalise artisanal mining and encouraging sell to legal markets don’t be left behind come to us for knowledge.

The money that we use has regulators so allow us to help you understand before you contravene money handling laws.

Don’t allow people to steal your ideas or use them without your benefit let the experts assist you in registering trademarks, patents ,utility models, geographical designs, copyrights and neighbouring rights.

God is the only one who is true, everybody is a liar so don’t enter into partnerships that are unwritten come to us legal practitioners for assistance.

We all have the responsibility to keep our environment safe so let us help you know your duties.

The law also regulates your family relations so come to us we will help you understand how the law can be of use in your family relations.

Let us help you to read your estate management and make sure that your inheritance become generational.

It’s not just about having a certificate of incorporation so that you can start trading but it’s about having a full understanding about the documents constituting the company that is the Memorandum and Articles of association so come to us we will help you understand.

If you require to move on from marriages and unions that are not working don’t get short-changed allow us to help get what you deserve while securing the welfare of the children.

Don’t get stuck with maternal names and unwanted first names or wonder how your documents can be authenticated when we the notary publics are here for you.

Don’t allow other people to wrong you infringing your fundamental rights and liberties when we had a social contract for enjoyment of common good; allow us to help you.

A wise person gets an opportunity to choose his or her successors in title so we are here to help you regulate your legacy when you are gone.

Ignorance of the law is not a defence; know the law to be a good citizen and never know the law on your way to prison.

Tax evasion is a crime and ignorance of the law is not a defence let us help you on your tax matters.

For all you legal due diligence in joint venture, mergers and takeovers we are at your service.

In this era of land barons, cooperatives, double sales you certainly need legal assistance to avoid losing all your savings on a bad transaction so allow us to help you.

Mortgage bonds are legal contracts with obligations and rights allow us to help you understand the nature of the contract you are entering into as well as securing your money if you are a financial institution.

Businesses operate within legal frameworks and contracts are signed on signer beware basis so allow us to help you before you commit to contracts.